by Dispossessed

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Wnuwk_Siphon Leave it to Sekator to find the heaviest, awesomest shit out there. Cheers mate!
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Sekator Imagine if GRIEF wrote songs that actually had a groove to it (besides being just insanely heavy).

Yeah. that's how good this is. Instant mini-classic of extreme doom/sludge. Favorite track: Blood And Oil.
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Recorded and mixed by Dwreck Leisy, September MMXIV
Mastered by Brad Boatright @ Audioseige


released December 27, 2014

J. Yaquinto - Guitar
K. Jewett - Guitar/Vocals
M. Du Bose - Vocals
L. MacDonald - Drums
D. Timberman - Bass



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Dispossessed Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Blood And Oil
Teeth of steel biting
Rending Earth scars
Quaking bones convulsion
Opening veins bleed
Exsanguinate oil
The holy blood
Human disdain
Raping the mother
The noble son
Self-styled kings
Insatiable lust
Blood and Oil
Their noble creed
Master race for profit
Spill forth from wound
A black deluge
Wellspring of death
A crude baptism
Fit for kings
A death sentence for us
Human disdain
Raping the mother
The noble son
Self-styled kings
Our blood for their oil
Teeth of steel
Rending Earth with scars
Quaking bones
Opening veins
Where mountain stood now lie
Abscesses of coal
“Blood and Oil”
The master creed
Purity through desolation
Our blood for their oil
Track Name: The Law
A history of terror
The reign of thugs
A force of disciplined brutality
Roaming streets in search of victims
With no recourse
Servile dogs trained to kill
Obey handlers “keep the rabble down”
Enforce divisions of race, wealth and class
Gestapo in blue
The willing tools of repression
Their bodies armored
And minds hardened
Empathy forgotten
Humanity forsaken
Reason is a gun
Man becomes pig
Resistance justifies torture
Ends create the means
As they stand in toe
Serving the men of state
Protecting property
From the rabble below
These pigs in Man’s clothing
The law of force
Their mandate
A gang of thugs
Vile brotherhood
No justice from them
Freedom denied
No peace until they end
Track Name: Siege
Imprisoned at conception
A life in hell
And still it is home
As the bombs fall again
They give us no quarter
And still we fight
For our shelled-ridden corner
The land of our mothers
The blood of our kin
Deprived of dignity
Walled in as lepers
Shut out from the world
They give us no peace
And so we fight
The endless blockade
A limited existence
To subsist on scraps
As they feast beyond this wall
A life at their behest
Is no life at all
Allowed to breathe
Their whit phosphorous
In our open air prison hell
This rubble that is our home
The land of our fathers
The blood or our children
And the bombs fall again
They give us no quarter
Our homes destroyed
Our children maimed
Deprived of dignity
And now we fight
For our shelled-out corner
Walled in as pariahs
They give us no peace
In this land of our mothers
Occupied by spiteful benefactors
A life at their behest
A slow death
And so we fight